painting grades

We offer three painting classes to suit different artistic needs. Whether you prefer museum-quality, high-quality, or versatile commercial paintings, we have options that will fit your specific artistic requirements.

Museum Quality Painting:
A museum-quality painting is an artistic masterpiece known for its exceptional craftsmanship, profound artistic vision, and cultural importance. These works showcase intricate details, impeccable brushwork, and a deep understanding of color and composition. They reside in prestigious institutions and collectors' homes and represent the pinnacle of artistic achievement.

High-Quality Painting:
High-quality paintings reflect the artist's skill and creativity, showcasing well-crafted works with a balanced composition and harmonious colors. While not museum-level, they are highly valued by art enthusiasts and collectors for their aesthetic appeal and the artist's ability to convey their artistic vision.

Commercial / Production Painting:
Commercial or production paintings are created for market demand, often in larger quantities, and serve various commercial purposes like advertising or home decor. While they may lack artistic depth, they play a significant role in reaching a wide audience and contributing to popular culture.

Artistic Styles

Art often finds its roots in these primary styles, which serve as the foundation for many creative expressions. While there are numerous other styles, these are the most frequently employed and sought after. The true essence of artistic creation lies in incorporating elements from these styles while infusing your unique originality. Here are some of the most popular styles, but it's important to recognize that within each of these styles, multiple artists have developed their own unique variations and forms of expression.